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Body Harmony:
A Journey to Self-Love

Step into a world of self-discovery, mindfulness, and rejuvenation at an exclusive body image retreat in the magical desert oasis of Sedona, Arizona.


I will be leading a small group on a transformative journey, combining the healing powers of yoga, hiking, group sharing, and breathwork to heal your relationship with body image and allow your Authentic Self to shine!


Discover New Ways to:

  • Partner With Your Body

  • ENJOY Your Body

  • Prioritize Your Body's Needs

  • Think and Say Loving, Kind Words To Your Body

If this resonates with you, then this retreat is for YOU!


  • Dates: September 19-22, 2024

  • Location: Sedona, AZ

  • Price:

    • $1000 per person for a shared room

    • $1500 per person for a private room


Includes healthy, delicious meals, daily yoga, time on the land, breathwork, meditation, journaling, group sharing, and more!

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