Depth Hypnosis.

Depth Hypnosis, a methodology developed by Isa Gucciardi, PhD,  incorporates Shamanism, Buddhist Psychology, and hypnotherapy to help connect you more deeply with your own unique inner guidance. It is very helpful for dissolving negative thought patterns and behaviors at their root, allowing you to find lasting happiness and peace. 


This is a two part Pranayama breath that helps move stuck energy in the body. This type of breath is considered an active meditation, and is really helpful for people who have trouble quieting their mind enough to hear inner guidance. 

Coming Home.
Wheel of The Year Journey

Coming Home is a self development program that will focus on connecting you to your body, the earth, your inner genius and wisdom, and discover how to manifest a life centered around your creative expression and joy! This program runs a year and day, the traditional length of time in Celtic tradition to attain a higher degree of understanding or knowing.