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All of my services are designed to inspire and support transformation; to assist you in unlocking and living true to the most authentic version of yourself. The truth is, we never stop becoming the most authentic version of ourselves. It just becomes easier and more graceful with the right support and tools. 


Depth Hypnosis, a methodology developed by Isa Gucciardi, PhD, is a transformative hypnotherapeutic model that connects you more deeply with your inner guidance, allowing you to grow an inner friendship built on self love, trust, and resilience. 


Discover the ways that connecting to your breath can help you identify and move stagnant energies, move into deeper awareness of how you are holding negative thought patterns and blocks, open your heart center and activate your creative genius. 


Becoming mindful is the foundation of expanding consciousness, and meditation is the vehicle that brings us there. Practicing mindfulness through meditation begins to realign our thoughts and attitudes towards positive and healthier ways of being, and allows us the space to get clear perspective. It brings us into the current moment where all possibility truly lies.


Quantum Human Design TM  assists you in understanding your unique energetic blueprint, or design, in order to remove the blocks and conditioning that keep you from unlocking your highest potential for your health, relationships, abundance, career, and more. Live the life you are destined to live by knowing your unique soulprint, and following the correct strategy that keeps your energy flowing in a co-creative way with the Universal Force of Life!

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