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Jenny Peni

Transformational Coach


Welcome, and thank you for your interest in my work! 

I am a transformational life coach specializing in the expression of the authentic self. To me, this is who we are beyond the conditioning of our modern world. It is who we are at our core. 


We are operating from our authentic selves when we feel the freedom to share the fullness of our creative gifts. It's when joy, love and connection are our base emotional state, and our capacity to meet life and it's challenges has a large and resilient window.

I began my career as a licensed Aesthetician/Massage Therapist, and also taught Aromatherapy at the St. Croix Center for the Healing Arts. I recognized early on in my career that I was equally, if not more, interested in people's inner transformations than their outer ones. I took my NLP certification when I was 25, and LOVED it, but I wasn't sure how to pivot, or if I wanted to pivot at that time. In truth, at 25 I wasn't embodied enough to guide others through major life shifts.


Now, 23 years later, I am a mom of four, almost adult children, a wife of a 30 years marriage, have owned and operated a successful skin/body care practice, started a herbal skincare line, am teaching mediation with a local tech company, and helping others own their authenticity! I have a lot more embodied experience on how to navigate transformation!

The integration of the different methods I offer allowed me to transform and release my own limiting beliefs, pain, and fear. Most importantly, they have helped me embody my own authenticity, and I am able to follow my joy, and share that with the world. 

What is my joy?

Witnessing other's transform.

Being connected with my loved ones.

Making healing products.

Weaving love and magic into the world.

Playing with plants.



Connecting to Source.

Just being. 


“It is in the nature of things that joy arises in a person free from remorse.”

—The Buddha


As a way to honor my teachers, their healing journey, and my own healing journey, I wanted to acknowledge the different lineages of healing that I have studied with.


May this acknowledgement serve as a blessing to them on their continued journey through this life, and


May their own healing continue to deepen, and 


As it does may love, peace, and abundance also deepen in their lives, so they may continue to be of service to the earth and all her inhabitants. 


I hold so much gratitude for all of their paths and their willingness to share their journey with others.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Hand Massage


Healing Arts Institute

Dr. James Mally and June Motzer


This was the official beginning of my healing path. I attended massage school here and these two instructors taught way more than just massage.


They taught about intention, love, and healing energy.


I am so grateful to have been taught to heal the body with loving intention, and how to be a channel for this healing force while maintaining my own energetic boundaries.


I'd also like to acknowledge that June is mom, and how truly lucky I was to have her as an instructor. She went on to open the St. Croix Center for the Healing Arts in Hudson, WI and I know was a blessing to the hundreds of students that journeyed there with her. 


Federico's College of Hairstyling

Ms. Jewel and Ms. Tina


I was blessed to have these beautiful beings share their knowledge and wisdom of the beauty business. They made certain that I'd be ready for the esthetics world and beyond. They nourished my natural abilities and encouraged me the whole way. I left beauty school knowing I'd be successful in the beauty biz.

Natural Beauty


Northwest Essence

Cheryl Young


Cheryl is a nurse and an aromatherapy practitioner. She owned an essential oil company called Northwest Essence  and sold the finest essential oils. She shared her love for true aromatherapy, healing and mother earth. She taught that essential oils are above all healers of the heart, mind and soul.  


Anchor Point Institute

Nick Leforce, Tim Hallbom, and Suzi Smith


Anchor Point Institute no longer exists as it did, but these teachers held an impeccable container of transformation through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). This practitioner program was a major recapitulation of so many old toxic thought patterns and helped move me towards what I wanted in life. I always knew I'd end up sharing this with others when the time was right. NLP helped me become a better mom, a better esthetician, and just a better person by allowing me to build rapport with others and be a better observer. I learned to listen deeply and meet others where they are at. 

Rock in Sand


Awakening Avalon


I apprenticed at Awakening Avalon on the priestess path for three years. When I began, I had no idea what a priestess was, but felt strongly called to explore this archetype. My true desire was to be of service to others on their earth walk, and at the time this felt like the place I would learn that. While I didn't learn how to be of service to others in the way I wanted/needed here, I did reconnect to earth rhythms and the elemental realms, and gained a deeper understanding of the divine feminine archetype, healing many misknowings I had around the divine feminine archetype. My experience engaging the priestess path is what helped me learn to validate and trust myself, how to hold truths that seem to be in opposition, and that the Universe will bring you the exact people you need in order to learn what you need to learn. I truly honor my mentor during this time for her devotion to the Avalonian mystery tradition and being a great teacher of the Both/And. 


Breathwork Facilitator Training

David Elliot


David shares a two part pranayama breath that I experience as a breath of fire or transformation. This breathwork is truly transformational and I have had some of the deepest insights about myself and the world- seen and unseen-with this kind of breath. This pranayama is the best for clearing out stagnant energy and creating room for you to experience own true essence.

Learn more about David here.

Meditating Outdoors


Clairvoyant Training

Richard Leviton


I worked weekly with Richard for half of 2019 to deepen my skills as a clairvoyant. He was adamant about good energetic boundaries and hygiene. He pushed me to learn how to validate myself, and always encouraged me to look deeper into things and not take things at face value. He also taught me how to work with earth and cosmic energy, and focused much of our training on working with mother earth and learning to be of service to her and her light temples. He also made me laugh a lot, which made our sessions enjoyable and fun. Learn more about Richard here.


Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii


This was a continuation of the training I did with Richard. I took basic clairvoyance and energy healing here. I love the spirit of aloha and amusement that they teach with. Learn more about The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii here.

Multiracial Hands


Check Your Privilege

Myisha T. Hill


Myisha offers a wonderful community experience for white bodied people to learn about, check, and stay curious about their privilege. This work is ongoing for me, but I wanted to point people in her direction as a great place to begin an anti-racist journey. I participated in her community for a year where she held a loving and compassionate container to explore my privilege and continue to decolonize the harmful ways of being and thinking that we've all been born into. She challenges people in the right way, and offers compassion as they lean into discomfort. I'm really grateful for Myisha's service in this world. She is a bright light leading the way forward! Find out more about Myisha here.


Foundation of the Sacred Stream

Isa Gucciardi


When I found Sacred Stream and began my depth hypnosis path, I experienced an inner alignment with my path. Depth Hypnosis took all the other tools I had been gathering and put them all into one. It gave me an outlet to share all the healing work, while strengthening my own understanding of myself and my soul's purpose. I know that my higher power had a hand in guiding me to all the teachers above, and that when I found Sacred Stream, I was truly ready to meet myself. The healing I experienced over my practitioner training, and continue to experience has brought me into the most loving and trusting relationship with myself and my higher self. Learn more about Sacred Stream here.

Metallic Flower

Last, but certainly not least,

I want to acknowledge my husband, children, parents, in-laws and chosen sisters and brothers (you know who you are) for all being teachers for me along the way.


Thank you all for the unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, joy, fun, magic and belonging as we walk together through this life.


I love and honor each of you from the depth of my being.




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