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This is a two part Pranayama that helps move stuck energy being held in the body, and moves you into connection and awareness of the universal life force within. Pranayama is an ancient Vedic breath practice. In Sanskrit, prana loosely translates to "life force" and yama to "control or restraint." You can find an excellent article about it here. This type of breath is considered an active meditation, and is really helpful for people who have trouble quieting their mind enough to hear inner guidance. 

Discover the ways that connecting to your breath can help you identify and move stagnant energies, move into deeper awareness of how you are holding negative thought patterns and blocks, open your heart center and activate your creative genius. In a one to one breath work session, you will be guided into a two part breath where different energy healing modalities will be used to assist you in: 


  • Releasing stuck energy

  • Releasing pain held in the body

  • Releasing negative thought patterns

  • Aligning the energy centers in your body

  • Connecting to your highest good

A breathwork session will leave you feeling relaxed, energized, and back in alignment with your highest self! Call now to book!

Image by Dingzeyu Li

Release the blocks keeping you
from your true power.

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