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Mindfulness & Meditation.

The heart of my personal practice is focused here. Becoming mindful is the foundation of expanding consciousness, and meditation is the vehicle that brings us there. Practicing mindfulness through meditation begins to realign our thoughts and attitudes towards positive and healthier ways of being, and allows us the space to get clear perspective. It brings us into the current moment where all possibility truly lies. In the context of healing, the ability to be more mindful helps us to see our attachments, aversions and misunderstandings much more quickly. I highly recommend having a daily meditation practice while engaging in any healing work! 

I can work with clients one-to-one or in corporate group settings to assist them with their own meditation practice. It is helpful to have a guide as you begin, to help remind you that mindfulness really is just non-judgmental moment to moment awareness. I teach about the nine attitudes of mindfulness, and give suggestions and support about how to cultivate and bring these attitudes into your practice so that you can keep a compassionate and friendly relationship with yourself as you deepen your mindfulness and meditation practice. 

Image by Nicola Pavan
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