Coming Home.
Wheel of the Year Journey

Coming Home is a self development program that will focus on connecting you back to your body and the earth, deepen your connection to your own inner wisdom, and find ways to center your life around your creative expression and joy!


You will explore practices in mindfulness, Celtic earth wisdom, plant wisdom, cosmic wisdom, intuition, energy healing and more. This program runs a year and day, the traditional length of time in Celtic tradition to attain a higher degree of understanding or knowing. 

You will receive monthly curriculum and suggested practices for daily and monthly ritual to support the curriculum, one monthly group breathwork session, two monthly personal depth hypnosis sessions. There will also be two in-person weekend retreats where we will put into practice many of the teachings, and share our journeys with one another. 


This program is designed to assist you in transforming and deepening your relationship to: 

  • Yourself- Body, Mind, and Spirit

  • The Earth

  • The Universal Force of Life

  • Mindfulness

  • Creative Expression

  • Joy

No matter where you are in your personal and spiritual development, Coming Home will be a supportive and nourishing container as you spiral through your next phase in life. Class size is limited to provide the best transformative container and experience. Scholarships and sliding scales are offered! Connect now for start dates and more information.



Come Home to
You-Body, Mind, and Spirit.